Htaccess redirect with a space in the URL

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I discovered something new today how you can use a space in a htaccess file:

How can you safely redirect web site traffic from your old pages to the new pages without losing your high search engine rankings?
You can do this by using a “301 redirect“.

But what do you have to do if there is a space in the old URL:

^about nostylesheets.html$

Normally I would use this to make the URL working:


But this doesn’t work.
To make an URL working you just have to use quotes to make this URL working:

"^about nostylesheets.html$"

The jQuery/PHP Validator

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Check out our demo which uses the jQuery as well as the PHP validator:

We the developers already know about the famous jQuery validator and about all the wonderful things it is capable of. But we also know that this validation is only on the client side.

What about server side validation on form input? Isn’t that important too? Of course it is. And that is exactly why we’ve come up with the following solution for this issue: The php validator. This validator consists of a class which contains a collection of methods similar to the jQuery validator. This way, we have validation on both client- and server sides using exactly the same rules and error messages.

Our PHP validator is based on the bassistance jQuery validator found at:

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